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It is with heavy hearts that we welcome you to our ministry. We exist because we too have lost a child and wish to comfort those who know this pain. You can read our story and learn more about what we do as you navigate through the tabs below.

Please know that you are not alone and that the darkness that you feel right now will ease with time, love, and support. We hope and pray that we can be of some comfort to you in these coming days.

With love and hope,

Jody & Kris

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: BEFORE Loss, Self Portrait.

This is me with my son Jake. I was eight weeks pregnant with Grant. I remember how happy I was this day. Little did I know that my whole world was about to change in a matter of weeks. The week I would find out that my little baby boy was going to die from a chromosomal disorder.

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