Welcome to Granting Hope!

It is with heavy hearts that we welcome you to our ministry. We exist because we too have lost a child and wish to comfort those who know this pain. You can read our story and learn more about what we do as you navigate through the tabs below.

Please know that you are not alone and that the darkness that you feel right now will ease with time, love, and support. We hope and pray that we can be of some comfort to you in these coming days.

With love and hope,

Jody & Kris

Music & Poetry

Oh Mother, my mother

Oh Mother, my mother
I touch your tears
Invisible fingers
Soothing your skin
I know you think of me so often
In the day, in the night,
In your dreams
Going into an empty nursery
Knowing I'll never be there;

But I am...in your heart
In your soul, I shall always be
For you gave so unselfishly
Of yourself.
Inside of you, you created
Such a world for me
A world of laughter, of love
Of sadness, of sorrow

Every emotion people come to know
You shared with me.
And even though I may never
feel your arms around me
I felt your heart beating
Like a lullaby, singing me to sleep
And your spirit giving me a safe haven
Already protecting me
Nurturing me
Preparing me of things to come.
But sometimes the journey
Of life pulls souls apart
And yes, I had to go on
To another place.

I wish I could stay
I wish this was a decision
I could make
And I know you do too.
Know this wherever you are:
I will always remember
That yours was the first love
The first joy, the first soul
I will ever know
You gave me the courage
To go home to the Lord
I hope I can do the same
for you
Your heart beat will always call me to you.

Love, Your Child

Oh Father, my father

Close your eyes and feel me near
Keep me inside your heart
Let me live in your soul
You see through tears
The things we will never do
Running across the fields of my youth
Games never played.

But it is not gone
Those dreams you hold so close
For I live on in every child you see
Little ones standing alone...lost
Or laughing in a playground
Swinging so high
Touching the tree tops
That is I
Wanting just to love.

Feel my happiness in the song of a bird
See my sorrow in mother
Hold her close forever
Feeling your strength;
For there will be one to come behind me
Whether through God's grace or
From a different calling
A child chosen through His hand.

For in darkness, a light will appear
Even if it is just the dawn
Signaling a new beginning
And as you gather my mother to your heart
Release your tears
Let the healing begin
And discover that I am here;
In your dreams
In your tomorrows
Every rainbow is the path home
And if you should stumble
I am the wings that shall lift you.

Love, Your Child