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It is with heavy hearts that we welcome you to our ministry. We exist because we too have lost a child and wish to comfort those who know this pain. You can read our story and learn more about what we do as you navigate through the tabs below.

Please know that you are not alone and that the darkness that you feel right now will ease with time, love, and support. We hope and pray that we can be of some comfort to you in these coming days.

With love and hope,

Jody & Kris

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Delivery

This past Saturday, Kris, Jake, and I took a load of Remembrance Baskets to Banner Desert Medical Center. I had been meaning to get these delivered before Christmas, but had run of out chipboard and time. Since I happen to believe that everything happens the way it does for a reason, I tried not to get too stressed about it.

We pulled up to the maternity entrance and I ran in to see if I could find a cart. The girl at the front desk was very young, and had absolutely no idea who I was, or what I was doing there, and she had no idea who the labor and delivery nurses were that I usually deal with. Long story short, I ended up walking the halls to labor and delivery and talked with a lady behind that desk. She didn't know me either, but she did know the nurses I needed to see and she informed me that neither were working that evening. However, she did think she could help me so she went looking for a cart and brought it out to my truck where we both proceeded to load baskets. After we were finished, I handed her a stack of Hope cards (business cards, but I hate calling them that b/c this is NOT a business)and asked her to give them to my nurses. She said she would, and then told me that she might take one and use the info herself, since she lost her grown son a little over a year ago. In talking with her, I learned that her son was 36 yrs old, and died suddenly of a stroke one month before we lost our little Grant. We shared stories and both decided that it simply does not matter one bit if your child is a baby or a grown adult- it's still painful to lose them because they are YOUR CHILD.

I don't know that I will ever come to the place where I can say I am happy that we lost our child; it still hurts very much, and we miss him every single day. However, losing my son has taught me many GOOD things, one of those being that the world and just life in general, can be a very painful place. There is so much pain out there, sometimes I am overwhelmed at where to begin. People that we meet every single day, just like this lady- people in need of a kind word, a loving hug, and prayers that they will find comfort, peace, healing, and the love of God in their hearts.

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